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Shelby 1,000 HP Mustang Super Snake to be Revealed at NY Auto Show

For the good people over at Shelby American, you can never have too much horsepower! Just last year, we saw the unveiling of the 2012 Mustang GT500 Super Snake that had a whopping 800hp. But this year, the New York Auto Show will have on display the brand new 2013 Shelby Mustang Super Snake weighing in at an astounding 1000hp! To get a bit more technical, the street legal version of the SHelby 1000 will actually have 950hp, while the track-only model will boast 1,100 hp.

How does the new Shelby Mustang pack such a punch? Well, Ford decided to load it with it’s 5.4-liter V8 engine, including new pistons, rods and crank. In addition to some Shelby Mustang secret sauce, the crew upgraded the cooling and exhaust systems and changed out the supercharger. And naturally, with all this new vroom, the team improved upon its stopping and handling capabilities. Just how did they accomplish this? By adding 4 pistons in the rear and 6 in the front, along with new struts on the suspension, bushings and sway bars. The new Mustang also has a solid driveshaft which is connect to a nine inch rear end.

Clearly the new Shelby 1000 is shaping up to be the speediest, most powerful Mustang ever built. So, how much does it cost you ask? The 950hp street legal Shelby Mustang comes in at a whopping $150,000…and thats for the base model. If you want to the track only 1100hp with all the fixin’s, you’ll be shelling out $200,000 for that bad boy! And as usual, make sure to get one ASAP as they are limited and officially numbered by Shelby America.

Finally, the 2013 Shelby Mustang 1000 has some new style features like its rear panel & splitter and a sleek, aerodynamic hood.

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18 thoughts on “Shelby 1,000 HP Mustang Super Snake to be Revealed at NY Auto Show

  1. I was so sad to hear about Carroll Shelby passing away. He sure left a spot in my heart with His fabulous Mustangs.I had a 2002 Mustang Covertiable for over 7 years and sold it to get a newer one 2 weeks ago. I haven’t got another one yet and I miss it soooooo much. It was yellow when I got it and I had it painted Grabber Orange. I got compliments on it every time I took it out from little people to the older crowd. I don’t think I will get another one that will get as many looks. I hope I do but it will have to be different than most around in order to do so. I sure hope I get another one soon. I need my Mustang fix. Thanks Carroll your part in the Mustang. R.I.P.

    • It looks like a want be muscle car that is way over priced and then some I’d rather have a dodge I dont even like mustangs I think they are ugly as hell…

  2. im an avid mustang lover but f@#$ that 200k for a mustang is INSANE you could build 1100 HP WAYYYYY cheaper than that. This is exactly why the average age of a New mustang owner is 52. Ford says theyre changing the 2014 mustang to that ugly EURO design because they are losing out on the “younger” market Well Hey FORD i dont know too many 25-35 yr olds that can afford your 50K mustang let alone your 180-200k Cobra you guys are ridiculous!!!!!!!!your not missing the market you priced yourselves out of it.
    signed an angry mustang kid

  3. I think ford needs to go back to its roots not only in design but as to the intent of why the car was originally created. When it was first produced it was not for the rich but for the average guy. I like that they have gone back to the classic design. I love the fact that Ford has finally produced a Mustang that can stand up the the European / Japanese Exotics. Hey if you can afford the 200K Mustang more power to you. If I had the money I know I would buy one. But also address the rest of us Blue Collar guys out here that helped keep the Mustang alive. I really feel that if Ford diverts drastically (European/Asian Design) from its current design that they will loose an even bigger market. Keep the Mustang in its rightful place “A TRUE AMERICAN MUSCLE CAR.” But hey I just an average blue collar guy who has loved Mustangs since I was 13. What do I know but I have to agree with PauleyWalnuts.

    To Carroll Shelby, may you rest in peace, although I never had the pleasure to meet you … Thank You for all you have done in creating American Muscle Car Legends .

  4. I agree with you Blue. It is just a slap in the face to all us hard working “bums” that love cars for what they are. And not so we can brag to our rich friends about how we have a supersnake sitting in the 8 car garage by the Bentley. What mustang guy wouldn’t want one but how the hell am I gonna buy one when its almost worth as much as my house

  5. For 200K why don’t they bring back the GT 40 ? That was the Corvette killer. And it looked like a car worth that much !

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