2013 Shelby GT350

2013 Shelby GT350 – Black and Beautiful

2013 Shelby GT350

Adding to the already impressive design tweaks, the biggest change to the Shelby GT350 for 2013 is the availability of Ford’s entire color lineup. Previously Shelby had only offered blue with white stripes for 2011, with red and blue (both also with white stripes) also becoming available in 2012, but for 2013 the company decided to let customers order a GT350 in any color the standard Ford Mustang is offered.

This was put into practice with the very first GT350 built for 2013, featuring the eye-catching hue of Gotta Have It Green, which we saw earlier this month in Monterey.

Of course, not everyone wants the attention that comes with a brightly colored car. For those that prefer something more stealthy, this black-on-black 2013 Shelby GT350 might be a more appealing option. On display at Galpin Ford’s Shelby 50th Anniversary car show this past weekend, the car required a closer look with details like the near-imperceptible matte black stripes.

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